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bio-security solutions

bio-security solutions

Lir Analytical

Lir Analytical combines Chemistry and Microbiology to develop proven Bio-Security formulas for the prevention of AMR which is one of the world’s biggest challenges in human health with extraordinary sustainable benefits.

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Our commitment to researching and providing bio-security solutions to industries is based on the urgent need to find effective antimicrobial solutions to prevent the spread of pathogenic microbial species. We live in an era of failing antimicrobial therapy and increasing rates of infectious disease. It has come to the point where we must prevent disease transmission. The most effective way to protect the public is to prevent disease, by eliminating microbial species at source before infections occurs. We can best achieve this by researching and developing antimicrobial solutions for use in industries including medical, food processing, clinical, animal healthcare, veterinary and food production.

Industries we serve

Lir Analytical works with clients in key industries to help ensure operational efficiency, safety, sustainability and product quality.

Food and Beverage

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Our Expertise

Our Longford facility is the base of our company and allows for full integration and co-operation between our team. In this facility includes the production, laboratory and office space wherein our team works from. Lir Analytical achieved ISO9001 certification from Certification Europe. The implementation of a Quality Management System has allowed for complete engagement of people throughout our business and has allowed for operational improvements across each department. Our Laboratory facility and personnel play a huge role in our quality management throughout our operations, wherein the facility on site allows for complete analysis of all materials and products that are involved in our production. Within the on-site laboratory, Lir Analytical has the capacity to comprehensively manage our quality whilst also allowing for research and product development. With our facility based in the midlands of Ireland, Lir Analytical has developed a strong logistics network, allowing for seamless delivery nationwide, including Northern Ireland and to international markets.
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Scientifically Engineered Solutions

We consciously strive aim to meet the needs of European policy as it changes legislation and policy in line with climate and sustainability action. Our research is aimed at identifying problem areas and finding solutions which are highly antimicrobial and cost effective. To this end we have researched and published numerous peer reviewed papers in the areas of food production, veterinary medicine, alternatives to non-green biocides, infectious disease, and clinical disease particularly in healthcare settings. These publications all show that there is an urgent need for the solutions we offer to control infectious disease in both animal and human environments. As is recognized that disease prevention is far more economical and sustainable than disease treatment, our methods ensure animal wellbeing at all stages of food production.

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